About Woodblok

What we aim for at WoodBlok is simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.

Each WoodBlok is created, by hand, from reclaimed timber. Lovingly sanded and then hand-printed with our inhouse designs. Each work is finished in either pure Liberon finishing oil or, for certain works, Osmo Matt Polyx Oil.

Every Blok is different. Each piece of wood has it’s own eccentricities and, as such, produces individual results when print is hand-applied. We like this, indeed, this is what we want.
As such each work, due to the eccentricities of wood and hand-printing, is a limited edition. However, we do repeat singular designs onto multiple pieces of wood at times.

WoodBlok is, simply, handmade and hand-printed art on a piece of hand-crafted reclaimed wood.